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03: Interview with David Simões, From a Shopify developer to a Shopify Agency owner

🚀 Join us on the Yalla Let's Code Podcast as we delve into the inspiring entrepreneurial journey of David Simões, a seasoned software developer who transitioned from being a Shopify developer to becoming then owner of a Shopify Agency!

In this episode, we explore David's incredible trajectory, uncovering the pivotal moments, challenges faced, and invaluable insights gained while navigating the world of software development and entrepreneurship. David shares firsthand experiences, offering gems of wisdom for aspiring developers looking to carve their path in the entrepreneurial landscape.Whether you're a budding developer seeking inspiration or an entrepreneur looking to glean actionable insights, this episode promises to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and provide practical takeaways to fuel your own journey.🔔 Don't miss out on this insightful discussion! Hit the notification bell, subscribe to our channel, and tune in to learn from David Simões' transformational journey from a Shopify developer to a successful Shopify Agency owner.👍 If you find value in this conversation, remember to like, share, and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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